Integration and Onboarding for National Security (IONS) Program

MNS Overview

MITRE National Security (MNS) supports the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community's most critical needs. We do so from our dual headquarters in McLean,VA, Bedford,MA and over 50 domestic locations and 8 international locations. 

In an ever changing world, the span of national security concerns MITRE supports has grown beyond physical security to include the security of our critical infrastructure, computer systems, energy, national resources, political and economic systems, and space. Our MNS team is expert in the challenges our sponsors face, balancing technical breadth and depth with exquisite operational experience so we can develop whole-of-nation strategies to solve our nation's hardest problems.

We partner with our Innovation Centers who bring deep technically-grounded domain knowledge to lead our sponsors in the development and application of future applied technology solutions. Together, our work has real impact across the spectrum of national defense. 

Navigating an MNS Career

The Integration and Onboarding for National Security (IONS) Program is designed to provide the tools, networking, guidance, and mentorship needed to maximize the potential of those entering the workforce within MITRE National Security.
MITRE's cadre is composed of recent graduates just like you, embarking on new careers. 

IONS is a six-month experience and serves as a direct pathway to growth and belonging within MNS and MITRE at largeAll participants will enter the program within 90 days of their start date
As newly minted working professionals, IONS participants will:
  • Develop a network of peers, mentors, and trusted advisors across MNS and beyond,
  • Engage with and learn from MITRE leadership at the highest levels,
  • Build a strong and thorough understanding of MITRE's organizational structure, sponsors, mission, values, work program and more,
  • Interact professionally and socially with current and past members of IONS and other early career programs such as MITRE's National Security Accelerator Program (NSAP).
The IONS experience supplements our impactful MITRE work in support of our sponsors to enable IONS alumni to serve as trusted advisors to the government, balancing broad technical experience with deep understanding of the mission space. 

MNS IONS Program Offering

The IONS Program is a six-month experience broken into five key components. 
1. A three-day onboarding kickoff filled with valuable insight and introductory activities,
2. Weekly meetings in assigned pod of 6-8 IONS, led by a vetted and experienced member of the MITRE Technical Staff,
3. Weekly virtual sessions with MITRE VIPs, including members of the senior leadership team and leaders of critical work programs,
4. Individual mentorship from a pod leader,
5. Development of a personal network that reaches all ten thousand MITRE Staff

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