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Want to apply your experience for public good? At MITRE, we discover, create, and lead the way to solutions that make major impact in the communities in which we work and live.

Our work touches each of our lives in powerful ways every day
from AI to self-driving cars to cybersecurity, to national security and health. Our technical know-how and R&D goes broad and deep. It has for 60+ years.

We're seeking professionals to join us in our mission: solving problems for a safer world.

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At MITRE, you'll apply your technical expertise, objective insights, and creative thinking to tackle some of the nation's and the world's most complex issues.

We view these challenges objectivelyand from all anglesto improve the systems and technologies that power our lives. As a not-for-profit free from commecial conflicts of interest, we convene and partner with experts from government, industry, and academia to amplify game-changing discoveries.
Monique K. Mansoura
"I love the systems approach we take to challenges and the access to talented scientists and technologies in the hard sciences and social sciences."

Monique K. Mansoura, Ph.D., MBA, executive director, Global Health Security and Biotechnology.
Our culture of collaboration and learning allows you to deepen your subject matter expertise and delve into other disciplines. Our independent research and development program offers a chance to propose, pursue, and produce bold ideas. You can strengthen your leadership skills and mentor early-career professionals.

We prioritize our people and make sure they have time for what matterschildcare, elder care, and more. We encourage work-life balance, provide professional development and educational opportunities, grant paid time for volunteering, and offer outstanding retirement benefits.
We are diverse, multigenerational, and multidisciplinary. Veterans make up nearly 20% of our workforce. These different perspectives and backgrounds translate to better, more inclusive, effective solutions on a national and global scale.

Bring your insights and experience to MITREand amplify your impact for public good.
Employee Voices Toner focuses on a common underlying theme for every task: "Every project I undertake has the overall goal of securing U.S. economic supremacy globally," he says. "Our ability to project power financially can prevent wars." He's currently working to ensure that the U.S. dollar remains the secure international currency standard.
Kevin Toner
Kevin Toner Managing Director, Treasury, Economics & Commerce
Employee Voices After spending 27 years as a government executive in the U.S. Departments of Justice, Treasury, and Education, Beverly is no stranger to a government in transition. Her time working within the Treasury Department during the previous presidential election cycle gave her valuable insight into how MITRE can continue to grow our organization and support our government sponsors in 2021.
Beverly Ortega Babers
Beverly Ortega Babers Senior Principal, Business Strategy/Organizational Change
Employee Voices

Cassandra spent years studying why certain populations experience poorer health than others and what could be done to eliminate health inequities. "I learned that MITRE was a place where people work to put initiatives into place quickly," she says. "That appealed to me, because I wanted my work to make a difference for those the public health system has left behind."

Cassandra A Okechukwu
Cassandra A Okechukwu Health & Life Science, Principal

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