MITRE takes on national and global-scale challenges. We’re talking big—from AI safety to cyber and national security.

When your mission is solving problems for a safer world, you need people with diverse skills, perspectives, and passions to match the complexity of issues. 

That’s why we’re looking for talented people to:
  • Drive AI forward, securely and equitably
  • Apply AI to enhance human capability
  • Identify the next cyber threat

Our community is 9,000+ people strong, in 60 locations around the world. Our “product” is problem-solving. And we’re in it for the public good, not profit.

Match your passion with our purpose. 

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Generative AI & LLM
How do we realize AI and generative AI’s full potential for public good? By assuring that AI applications function as intended without unacceptable risks and add value to people’s lives. Doing so includes examining the large language models that fuel AI-enabled technologies. MITRE is helping advance best practices for equitable, ethical LLM development.
Computer Engineering
Hardware and software components can secure a network or leave it vulnerable. MITRE's wireless communications, signal processing, and electrical engineers and more apply their expertise to test and secure our government sponsors’ networks so they’re increasingly resilient and mission-ready.
MITRE arms the worldwide community of cyber defenders with open-source frameworks like ATT&CK®, Engage™, D3FEND™, and CALDERA™ and a host of other cybersecurity tools. We collaborate with government and industry to help thwart adversaries, build resiliency, and protect people, systems, and sectors. 

Our Culture

MITRE’s Impact Report tells the story of how we deliver on our mission of solving problems for a safer world—by connecting the strengths of government, industry, and academia. Leading the conversation: the talented people of Team MITRE who join their passion with our mission every day.

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