National Security Intern Program

MNS Overview

MITRE National Security (MNS) supports the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community's most critical needs. We do so from our dual headquarters in McLean, VA and Bedford, MA but also by being embedded with them at over 50 domestic locations and 8 international locations.

In an ever-changing world, the span of national security concerns we support has grown beyond just physical security but to include the security of our critical infrastructure, computer systems, energy and national resources, political and economic systems, and even space. Our MNS team are experts in the challenges of our sponsors balancing their technical breadth and depth with our exquisite edge to the whole of nation strategy level.


We partner with our Innovation Centers who bring that deep technical domain knowledge. Together, our work has real impact in both the shadows and on the battlefield.

Pathway to an MNS Career

The MITRE National Security (MNS) intern experience is designed to foster the next generation of MITRE mission focused team members. It serves as a direct pathway to employment within MNS. In fact, two-thirds of our MNS recent graduates' hires come through this program.

In preparation for full-time employment, you will be exposed to how we:

  • think and serve as trusted advisors to the goverment,

  • play a unique role in the defense community as a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC),

  • ​​​​​​​and balance our broad technical experiences with deep understanding of the mission space.

​​​​​​​This combined with sponsoring your clearance enables you to have impact on day one of your post-graduation career at MITRE.

MNS Intern Program Offerings

The MITRE National Security (MNS) intern program is a multi-year experience broken into four key components.

   1. Impactful work for one of many of MITRE's national security sponsors

   2. Pod-based mentoring, with a few of your fellow interns, from an early career

   3. Weekly events to include guest speakers, early career panels, lab tours, etc.

   4. Optional extracurricular activities such as Part 107 drone pilot license course, RF scavenger           hunts, learning tracks (AI, data science, or embedded security)